Kirsten was born and raised in Benicia, a small bayside town, not far from San Francisco. She survived fourteen years of Catholic school and graduated from Sonoma State University in 2005 with a bachelor's degree in English. Though her intent was to study psychology the Universe had other plans, (or she couldn't pass the math classes required). A few professors told her while she was horrible at math and passable at psychology she was an excellent writer. A self described tall tale teller, Kirsten tried her hand at writing. Whether she was excellent or not, she found she loved it. 

Kirsten is also an intuitive, coming from a long line of gifted psychics. She practices the art of reading tarot cards. This is a line of work she fell into quite by accident but she found that using her unique skills has allowed her to fulfill her need to help people and interact with others on an individual basis. No matter what she is doing, whether it's reading tarot cards, making videos or writing, her goal is to spread love and joy around the world. Whatever medium she is working in, she hopes to help people in their journey on this Earth.  

Kirsten is Portuguese, Scottish and Irish (with some Scandinavian thrown in there thanks to the Vikings). She loves to read and is completely obsessed with Old Hollywood. Food, fashion, music, travel and her dog, Santos, are on her short list of favorite things. 

Photo Credit: Jellyfish Jones