Kirsten is not currently booking any private readings.

photo credit: JellyFish Jones

photo credit: JellyFish Jones

Session Schedule

Live readings and videos readings are scheduled only on Tuesday or Thursday between 12pm and 4:30pm PDT. For a Friday or Saturday session, please scroll down for special pricing. 


Book a phone reading

These sessions are a live reading with Kirsten.


$275/60 minutes

Book a video reading.

These sessions are pre-recorded videos based on questions and reading topics you send. 


$105/30 minutes

$205/60 minutes

Book a Live Skype Video Reading.


$350/60 minutes

Book a Friday or Saturday Live Reading.

These sessions are a phone or Skype live reading with Kirsten. Due to being off-schedule, the prices are higher. 


$450/60 minutes

Patron Pricing and Exclusive Readings

In order to access these readings and prices you must be a $5+ Patron. 

20 Minute Video Reading: 

$75/Recorded Video Reading. 

30 Minute Live Phone Reading: 

$145/30 Minute Live Phone Reading

Email Reading: 

Patrons ONLY (All Patreon Tiers)

$40/ One Question Email. Emails are answered within 48 hours of receipt of payment. 

Cancellation and Payment and Refunds:

All payments are required up front. Payment is only accepted via PayPal at this time. After scheduling via email, an invoice will be sent. Your name does not appear on the schedule until the invoice has been paid so it is recommended that you pay as soon as you can to retain your scheduled time. 

For all phone or Skype sessions 24 hours notice is required when cancelling for a full refund.

Full refunds will be issued under the following circumstances: The session is cancelled by the client within twenty-four hours. The session is cancelled by Kirsten due to illness or emergency. The client is unsatisfied with the in-person reading or energy session and stops the reading with in 10-15 minutes of beginning it. There are no refunds for email or video readings. 

Kirsten is not a medical doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer or financial advisor. Any information given in sessions is the result of a tarot card reading. Decisions and actions made by the client are solely the responsibility of the client. Kirsten will never tell you what to do or insist you do anything. If you have a medical, psychiatric, legal or financial problem it is always advisable to consult with a doctor, lawyer or other subject matter expert. A tarot reading is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical or psychiatric condition. Kirsten's sessions should not be considered a suitable substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment or legal or financial expertise.

Readings are not intended to diagnose, treat, heal or cure any medical, psychiatric, physical, or emotional issues. Readings or energy work should not be considered a suitable substitute for any medical or psychiatric treatment. 

All readings are private and confidential. All clients remain confidential. In other words, Kirsten will never call you out as a client on any platform. She will not friend request you on social media (but she would love it if you friend requested her!) in order to maintain that privacy. Some clients don't mind people knowing they see tarot reader but other clients are high profile or very private so Kirsten keeps her client roster completely confidential across the board. 

Ready to book? 

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