The Mad Season Book I

She was like poison pumping through his blood. If he’d ever wanted a woman this much, he couldn’t remember it.
They thought you were a gold digger. I had to persuade everyone you weren’t white trash. I gave you everything and this is how you repay me.
It was not a slow seduction. he simply grabbed her.

Aris Dunn knows a girl like her is out of John Prince's league. The well-known Prince family doesn't want their golden boy to marry a girl from the trailer park. Since John announced their engagement the family has gone out of their way to make Aris feel gauche and unwelcome. Despite John's love and reassurances, Aris feels lonely and out of place. 

While navigating the dark waters of high society Aris meets another Prince. Rhys, charming and bitter, has just returned from a long, self-imposed exile. Against her will and better judgement, Aris is drawn to Rhys. Enigmatic and rebellious, Rhys is the key to unlocking years of the Prince family's secrets and deceptions. 

Everyone think Aris is the luckiest girl in the world, If they only knew the things going on out at the family estate, the lies that have been told, the things people did to protect themselves. Cracks start to show; the carefully crafted illusions of the Prince family crumble, with Aris and Rhys leading the charge.



Book II The Autumn Fires


"I’m in love with you. When I left here that morning, I was an idiot. I was a fool. I never should have gone. I beg you, beg you, to forgive me.”

"She was a storm that had broken over him. Her arms, her mouth, her eyes, he drowned in her. It was hot and overblown and furious. Even now, he wanted to pull her to him. Instead, he sat down on the edge of the bed and put his head in his paint-stained hands."

"He lifted his left hand and the ring glowed dully in the moonlight.'No,' she said firmly. 'No, this is not how this ends. This is not how we end. I won’t let it be.' ”




The second book in the Mad Season Series returns to Napa and the San Francisco Bay Area and the trials, scandals, and secrets of the wealthy Prince family. While Janice Prince fights her brothers and sister for control of the Napa Estate, she also fights to keep her own son and daughter from walking away from her forever. 

Morgan’s life falls apart in the blink of an eye, first beginning with her mother’s death and then with her husband’s threat of divorce. Morgan finds solace in the bottom of a bottle, a pattern she’s repeated her whole life, but this time she goes too far. 

When dowdy Minnie Dupree married Gus Prince, she knew the family looked down on her. Minnie's revenge and desperation spawns an irreversible act of violence. 

Black sheep Rhys attempts to pick up the pieces after Aris leaves him, finding solace in the arms of another woman, beautiful, ambitious Adrienne.

Fresh off her success as an artist, Aris returns to the Bay Area and the man she she realizes she cannot live without. 

As the Prince family splinters and breaks apart and years of lies, infidelities and resentment comes surging to the surface, Rhys must choose between the woman who saved him and the woman who broke his heart.