The Priest Volume I


You brought the drugs and the violence right to our doorstep and now you have no control over it.
You end this. You end it any way you have to.
Beneath the confessions and the Easter processionals, the violence called to him.

Michael was born a fighter and became a priest, but in his heart, he would always belong to Devil's Crew. He joined Devil's Crew early and quickly rose up within the ranks to become their leader. The Crew demanded allegiance, loyalty and a strong left hook. When an escalating war with Nick Knight's crew, The Beasts, takes everything, Michael runs and doesn't look back. He seeks atonement in the bosom of the Catholic Church. 
Now, years later, Michael returns home. His brother is running Devil's Crew, his best friend married the only woman Michael ever loved, and Nick Knight is running the city, gunning for them all. Michael feels drawn toward his old life of violence but he cannot deny the oath he took when he became a priest. Torn between revenge and religion, Michael finds himself at a crossroads. 
Michael discovers he is capable of much more than he ever dreamed. The stakes are higher than anyone can fathom. Boldly accepting his destiny, Michael steps up to finish what was started so long ago.



The Priest Volume II


The priests from the Vatican were looking for Michael. Who knew what they would to do to him once they got him.
Father Michael Whales is healing people! He’s healing them in droves!
‘They say you can perform miracles.’ Nick pulled a gun from the drawer. ‘Think you can handle this?’

Return to the saga of Michael Whales as he battles his lifelong foe, Nick Knight. In the midst of a gang war, Father Michael Whales must choose between his church and his family, his past and his future. As he fights to choose faith over revenge, Michael also fights his feelings for Gypsy, the only woman he has ever loved. As the violence on the streets escalates, Michael begins to exhibit strange powers, powers strange enough for the Vatican to take notice. Now, with the foreboding Cardinal Cross shadowing his every move, Michael attempts to control his thirst for revenge, his desire for Gypsy and his frightening new abilities.