Third Eye Champagne Predictions Made in 2017

Check out my hits (and misses)! Every prediction made publicly either on video or my blog. Some are from public videos, some are from Patron exclusive videos and livestreams and some have been written in the Patreon blog. All are verifiable as predictions I have made on one or more of the above forums. The dates are the dates the predictions were made. Enjoy! 


March 2017

DT has dementia 

Russia stuff gets way worse. Scandal EXPLODES 

Kushner is involved in Russia Scandal  

DT’s sons are involved in Russia Scandal 

Justice will be served 

You are witnessing the last gasp of the patriarchy

Full story on Russia doesn’t come out for a long time 

When it does come out it will seem unbelievable 

US. Economy tanks (BIG DIP)

Bannon not involved in Russia Scandal 

Bannon flees the country 

Betrayal between Trump and Bannon 

Bannon loses money 

Half the Trump admin will walk. The other half will stay and fight each other 

Someone tells Trump he has to step down as a decision is being made about legal proceedings 

Eventually US gets single payer healthcare 

Female pres or vice in 2020

Elizabeth Warren WILL work in the WH in some capacity 

Trump’s budget idea ends up being a total disaster 

DeVos cuts school budgets 

April 2017

Ivanka pregnant again

Ivanka and Kush - marriage does not end well 

Melania walks out on Trump

ICE doesn’t stop anytime soon. Families are broken up.

Travel ban in not upheld 

Mexico wall is a failure. Doesn’t happen for a while and it seems like it is funded or the money is found by the wall is never built 

Midterm elections in 2018 will be cray. Massive voter turn out. Dem majority, Paul Ryan wins his seat again. McConnell is out. 

Omarosa walks. She’s out. Goes to TV 

Putin is assassinated (does not die a natural death)

Russians will rise up and protest 

Russia is liberated at some point. Becomes for the people. 

Devin Nunes ends up being disgraced

Queen of Pentacles shows up on connection to Trump and Scandal 

Trump does something stupid in Syria 

May 2017

Global Economy - downturn but no crash 

Brexit is okay, doesn’t cause an economic downturn 

US economy remains steady but there is a downturn down the road 


Possibly fight with N. Korea but no war

Pence presidency? 

Mueller will take a long time to gather intel, won’t move too fast 

First appearance of the mystery woman 

Trump won’t fire Mueller 

Mueller indicts more than just Trump 

Pence is implicated in Russia scandal 

Subpoenas will be served 

Flynn is VERY deep in this scandal 

Mueller looks at Kushner very closely 

EVERYONE starts looking at Kushner 

Trump won’t escape Mueller 

Kelly Anne Conway wants out. May also turn to tv punditry or want to 

The Trump admin gets the Death card 

Kelly Anne seems to come out of this whole mess unscathed

Kushner gets booted from the WH

Kelly Anne has no involvement in Russia Scandal 

No punishment for Kushner. At least no jail time 

Kushner locked into Russia for LOTS of $$$ 

DT and Fam making money hand over fist being in the WH 

June 2017

N. Korea will keep testing missiles 

Labor issues in France. Protests in France. 

Bombing in Europe 

CA economy is great and only gets better 

Sessions will be unscathed in the Russia Scandal 

Sessions may get fired 

Guiliani goes down for backing Trump 

Richard Spencer decides to stop being a Nazi 

ANOTHER appearance of the mysterious woman (Queen of Wands) in regards to the Russia Scandal 

There will be proof Russia was involved in the 2016 election MORE will come out on this

It will be declared absolutely that Russia influenced the 2016 election 

MORE legal problems for Trump 

WAY down the road Comey testimony may lead to impeachment or cause for impeachment 

Theresa May is out early. Is succeed by a man not from her party 

Brexit will take a REALLY long time 

First time I pick up Scottish independence 

Senate WILL pass some kind of healthcare bill 

Paul Ryan NOT involved directly in Russia stuff 

Heartbreak coming for Julian Assange. Something comes down on him 

Mueller stays. Mueller is successful 

TRUMP has full knowledge of Russia’s involvement in the election 

Flynn flips for Mueller 

Carter Page flips too 

There is a big struggle to pass a new healthcare bill 

Senate will keep trying and trying to pass something 

July 2017

BIG dips in economy coming 

Theresa May is lost. The people hate her 

There are riots, violent protests in US 

Plants moving out of the US (that said they would stay) 

Healthcare bill narrowly escapes passing 

Bills don’t pass. A male and female stop it. 

Kushner plays a huge role in Russia money stuff and Russia scandal 

Harry and Megan M break up and then marry 

Another baby for Kate and William 

No Gavin Newsom or Kennedy III in 2020 race 

Christopher Wray doesn’t last long 

Guiliani will never get anywhere near the WH 

Sessions walks? Is fired? Not fired? Job is in question 

Mohamed bin Salman wants to start a war 

Scaramucci walks and is getting divorced 

Rience will also be out 

THE WOMAN (Queen of Pentacles) makes another appearance 

Pence gets dragged into Mueller stuff 

Final decline of DT coming 


August 2017

Regarding Trump. There will be a period of smooth sailing and then BAM! Shit really hits the fan. 

Lost of information and secrets will come out during retrogrades. 

Everyone turns against Trump. Everyone. 

Putin gets “weird.”

 We are in another cold war. 

Mueller looks into Trump’s finances and it’s REALLY BAD. Kushner and lawyers hiding lots to do with money. 

Mike Pence becoming president is iffy. Feels like yes, then feels like no. Not solid. 

Kushner flees or goes to jail. Is in someway restricted or restrained.

Victory card on Bob Mueller. 

Mueller does not get fired. 

You will see a barrage of legislation from Republicans. 

The next Speaker of the House is female. 

Death card appears when reading on Trump administration. 

Trump is NOT assassinated. 

Queen of Pentacles shows up again.

John Kelly stays in WH. Not fired, doesn’t walk. 

All the information regarding Trump will come out very slowly. 

Death card on Trump. (big shock.) 

Justin Bieber: Finds a lovely new girlfriend and walks away from the religious thing. 

R. Kelly: More information comes out on him and these women he’s allegedly kidnapped. One woman pushes the story and starts talking to the press. The government looks into it but nothing really happens. There are no crazy legal consequences for Kelly. 

North Korea: everything is fine. All the nuclear water bullshit fades away. No war. If something does happen with them it’s a one and done. Like we hit them (not nuclear) and then nothing happens. 

Putin is somehow involved with N. Korea tensions. 

Trump will walk from presidency. 

China is a very big player with N. Korea. Wants to put Trump in his place. China wants to babysit and take care of the situation. 

Nazi shit gets worse before it gets better and then things smooth out. 

Hannity leaves Fox. Out of a job. Get some kind of book deal. Goes somewhere else or does something else where he’s very happy. 

Rachel Maddow: Her star will rise even more. She retires willingly (not for a while). Makes a ton more money and is never touched by scandal.

Andersen Cooper: Only gets better. Career goes up and up. But has secrets or/also knows a lot of other people’s secrets. 

The Trump Train gets worse. He just keeps going. Doubles down on all his dumb shit. 

Mueller’s investigation touches Mike Pence.

Mueller will go very slowly. The process of getting to Trump takes a long while. 

Someone in the WH is giving orders directly to Nazi organizations. 

Trump goes out with a whimper, not a bang. One day he is here and the next day he gone. 

Pence is just waiting to become Prez but cards are inconclusive as to whether it will happen. 

Bannon isn’t booted from the WH. Death card is here. He will go at a later date. 

Stephen Miller will leave the WH but not yet and when he does go it will be because he messed up. 

Kelly doesn’t leave the WH but he is VERY unhappy. 

Repubs in congress are very divided. Will not move to impeach Trump. 

A bombshell will come out on Trump, (something from inside the US, not friction with another country,) and will signal the beginning of the end. 

Steve Bannon will be out on his ass. 

Presidency becomes this weird revolving door for a while. 

Subpoenas are going out from Mueller. 

The Mueller investigation doesn’t get Trump out. He leaves before it is completed. 

Steve Bannon stabs Trump in the back. Will say everything is fine then turn around and talk shit. Bannon goes back to Breitbart. His plans to make a lot of money come to fruition. 

People in the Trump admin start dropping like flies. 

Trump goes out with a whimper and not a bang. 

The Mueller investigation is BIG. HUGE. Woodward and Bernstein type stuff. 

Mueller leads a big full solid investigation. This investigation touches Mike Pence. 

Mueller will line everything up but it takes a lot, A LOT, of time. 

South American and Mexico will start to clear old, nasty, violent energies. Lots of purging. May manifest itself with riots or fights.

Mike Pence betrays Trump. 

Bob Mueller is a BIG DEAL and his investigation is the next big thing. The stories that come out of this thing are jaw-droppers. 

Pence is president but not for very long because of Mueller. 

Again revolving door on presidency. 

Pence might try to get us into a war in Syria.

Pence is plotting to be president.

Paul Ryan will not be president. 

Trump drops bombs in Syria. 

Hope Hicks has an interim position. Her being there is temporary. Death card for Hicks. 

Hicks will go down with the ship unless she gets a better offer. 

Bob Mueller is stealthy, there will be no leaks. 

Trump has a health crisis. 

The Queen of Pentacles appears AGAIN. 

All this Trump stuff is fated. 

US will reconcile with North Korea. There will be no nuclear war. 

Pence is involved in Russia stuff but Mueller currently doesn’t have enough evidence. 

Paul Ryan is not involved but may know damning things through gossip and hearsay. 

September 2018

Caitlyn Jenner has a medical (not cosmetic) surgery

Rhona Graff sings to Mueller and knows all about Trump’s gangster activities 

Mysterious woman (Queen of Pentacles) who will help end Trump shows up again she knows of Trump’s financial secrets 

Mueller’s case may be a RICO case

Someone - an air sign - quits 5th Harmony 

Camilla Cabello’s career doesn’t go crazy; she doesn’t become a super star. She does well but not as well as she’d like. 

Melania leaves Donald 

No nuclear war with North Korea. They do not attack us

Kim Jong Un is assassinated 

Mysterious woman (Queen of Pentacles) makes another appearance. 

Two women help bring down Trump.

Economy will start to slow down.

There will be literal and figurative fires for the next month or two. (Sept-Oct 2017). 

Summer 2018 bad for the American Economy. 

There is a big dip in the stock market. It comes quick. Watch your money. 

Stock market - will be fighting for stability and security - is related to Trump.

There will be wild fires all over. 

EU is headed for big protests in 2-3 years. 

Europeans - economy feels prosperous but I would still be cautious.

EU economy hits the skids but its related to US Economy. 

Liz Warren will for sure be working in the White House in the future. 

Pelosi will not run for president but if the job comes to her she’ll do it.

Biden may run in 2020. He would have a female running mate. Doesn’t want to show his hand too early

Putin is making a grab for intel but I don’t know for what purpose. 

South America goes cray. I see smoke. 

It will come out that Russia obscured things. Altered reality in a way.

Hands down it will be proven that Russia was directly involved in a misinformation campaign.

Graham Cassidy will not pass. 

Trump is going to get nastier and nastier. 

Bernie Sanders will introduce a single payer bill. 

Flynn flips and will talk to Mueller. 

Bannon’s next move is to stir up a race war. 

Bannon gets sick (disease). 

Putin starts making weird moves. Does something where people freak out. 

Zuckerberg will be fighting the US Government. He has secrets and he’s not going to tell everyone these things. 

He doesn’t want to change Facebook but he’s going to have to.He will have to hire more people. MORE will come out with Russia and the ads on Facebook. It’s not finished. More comes out where he has to admit he screwed up. BIG changes coming for the way he does business. He has to change his reality. 

Puerto Rico - it’s worse than we know. This is a VERY long recovery.

October 2017

Taylor Swift may get back with someone she was with before. She will get married. Her next album isn’t as big as the last one. She walks away from music for a while. Takes a break. Tries to move into acting but it doesn’t work. There is a secret relationship or a secret marriage. 

Rex Tillerson will leave the Administration and there will be people that go with him. 

More and more congressmen get into trouble. Scandals. More republicans get into trouble. 

Trump is having an affair. 

No repubs in congress will speak out against Trump. They want to push their agenda. 

Tillerson ends up actively working against Trump. 

Mueller brings Death. People actively working to shut him down but it won’t work.

Russia - there will be a rise in protests in the country then it gets squashed for a while. 

Russian ads on social media - it will come out that certain areas and states were targeted (not just swing states) The government does nothing about it. Don’t make a big enough deal about it.

Russia used simplistic tactics to swing the election. 

Stephen Miller screws up and it may get him fired. He gets called on the carpet.He’s out of the WH but not for a while. 

Trump wants to go to war. Someone is pushing Trump to go to war. 

There will be an uptick in Russian propaganda. 

Russian propaganda shape shifts. Comes from different places. (Maybe Bosnia??) 

Putin gearing up for something. 

Trump deteriorates to the point where we are begging for Pence. 

Kelly stays. Does not leave. Is not fired.  

US still vulnerable to the Russian propaganda. They will likely mess with midterms. 

Puerto Rico - stalled recovery. They keep getting aid but it’s not enough. Congress does nothing to help PR. They pass nothing. 

Brexit - England will prevail. England will be okay. 

The Brexit vote was made under duress. 

Brexit - UK doesn’t know what they’re in for. Whatever they think will happen, won’t.

There is illusion/delusion re: Brexit. 

Financially, eventually the UK is fine. 

Steele dossier holds a big potential bomb but its being held close to the vest. 

Some weird stuff is going on at the NYT They are deliberately pushing some stories and burying others. 

Paul Manafort sings (and sings and sings).He’s beholden to someone BIG time. Manafort cuts a deal.He’s fighting Death on some level. 

Mike Pence figures into Mueller’s investigation somehow. 

No indictment for Kushner.

Trump family flees.

Our mysterious Queen of Pentacles makes another appearance. 

Kushner is going to cheat or is cheating on Ivanka. 

Kushner and Ivanka will divorce. 

Ivanka steers clear of jail. 

Trump won’t fire Mueller. 

Mueller hands down more indictments.

November 2017

The tax bill will pass. 

Some Dreamers will be deported before DACA is fixed. 

Scandal is coming for Dems. 

There will be restrictions put on abortions. 

Nazis get worse and filter out across the globe. 

Hope Hicks is thinking of walking. She’s dating someone, NOT TRUMP. Whatever Mueller does with Hicks, it stings her. 

New beginning coming for Bethenny Frankel. Erika Jayne has people around her that can’t be trusted. She might get screwed over. 

Mohamed Bin Salman is up to no good. Kushner is making BIG business with MBH. Kushner may be strapped for cash. 

DJT jr is in BIG trouble. 

Al Franken thing IS a hit piece by republicans but also, he did it. Franken will resign.

Lasting change comes to Hollywood after Weinstein. Hollywood pedo scandal - names are named. Possible raids and arrests. 

Rose McGowan starts or gets involved with a nonprofit. There is a new relationship coming for Rose.

December 2017

Pence will sworn in in January. 

Flynn talked BIG TIME. 

There is info on Kushner of illegal stuff but he doesn’t go to jail. 

Trump is gone in January. 

Pence doesn’t last long if he is sworn in at all. 

Mueller is looking at Pence. 

Pence cards keep going both ways: he is prez. He isn’t. Keeps going back and forth. 

Crazy stuff goes down in Dec in US. 

They can tie Trump to Russian collusion but he is never prosecuted. 

Net Neutrality gets taken away. There are several attempt to get rid of it. Congress needs to get involved to save it. 

Prince Harry gets married twice. 

Rex Tillerson is out on his ass. 

The more active Mueller is the crazier the Trump White House gets. 

Mueller has a HUGE money trail and paper trail. 

Al Franken is succeed by a woman. 

Dems didn’t think anything through with Franken. 

2018 Midterms for Dems aren’t looking good but victory IS possible (not set in stone as of this 2017 reading). 

Dems victims of attacks in 2018. Smear campaigns.

You will see Dems winning seats that have been held by republicans for decades. 

Corey Booker’s past comes back to bite him in the ass. 

Dems have small victories now but they don’t win back congress. Repubs may win midterms by voter suppression. Cards are VERY mixed bag on mid term elections. 

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem doesn’t stick. Female changes it back. 

Middle East becomes destabilized for various reasons. 

Mueller will want to talk to Devin Nunes. 

Teresa May is in for a BIG fight. There is a man actively trying to get rid of her. There is a big fight coming to her. 

Trump has a heart problem. 

Doug Jones wins. Roy Moore may refuse to concede. 

There is some rich oligarch giving Trump orders. 

Cold War comes back. 

Ivanka tells Trump he has to quit. Trump himself doesn’t make the call to walk. 

Trump’s past comes back to bite him in the ass. 

Congress may open an investigation on Trump harassment claims but it’s delayed. 

They will start looking at Kushner again. Ivanka is worried. 

2018 Trump isn’t prez for very long. 

Mueller IS looking at Pence. 

Someone brings up impeachment in 2018 (Congress). 

Tillerson is out. 

Repubs who’ve backed Trump are going down. 

Hope Hicks is lying to someone. She isn’t truthful. Hope gives up info to Mueller. She walks away from her job. Brings Death..

Violence erupts in the South (USA). 

Eric Trump is in trouble. 

Economic dip coming in 2018. 

US voting system was hacked and will be hacked again. 

Repubs will ratchet up calls to fire Mueller. Someone will try to shut it down between Dec and Jan 2018. People will ratchet up trying to discredit Mueller and his investigation. 

Mueller is about to get a big victory. 

Someone runs a game trying to get rid of Mueller ( This ended up being the Nunes memo.). 

Mueller WILL complete his investigation. 

Paul Ryan is feeling vulnerable. Paul Ryan knows something is coming down and wants to walk. He wants to do things on his own terms. Paul Ryan as speaker is succeed by a female. Paul Ryan walks and resigns. 

Democracy in US is saved at the last second. 

Ryan knowns Trump is done. Sees disaster coming. 

As of a December 18, 2017 reading cards for 2018 midterms are still up in the air.