photo credit: JellyFish Jones

photo credit: JellyFish Jones

 Kirsten Langston was born into a family that has very strong psychic gifts. She grew up a cynic and skeptic and became a believer when she had no other choice. Psychic phenomena was present throughout her life, but for the first thirty years, she chose to ignore it. Finally, the phenomena became too persistent to ignore and so Kirsten had to open up to the possibility that there was something else without and within that has yet to be explained by science. 

Then Kirsten fell in love with the tarot and its deep, rich history and symbolism, specifically the Smith-Rider-Waite deck. And so, while continuing to focus on her writing, she started reading tarot cards for friends and family. This soon led to her reading cards and giving intuitive readings for strangers, which ultimately led to her creating Third Eye Champagne. 

Third Eye Champagne is all about Kirsten bringing the cosmic bubbly to help her clients find their path, find their joy and live their happiest lives. 

A reading with Kirsten is a unique experience, she uses a combination of tarot and psychic insight to give her clients the best possible information that will aid them on their journey in this lifetime. Kirsten brings all the love and advice she can to each reading, looking at the past, present, future and the surrounding energies, bringing insight and wisdom, to help her clients live life more fully and make more informed decisions. 

Here's Kirsten telling her story: